Terms of Service

J-Subculture Terms and Conditions of Service

Definition of Terms and Conditions of Service provided by J-Subculture (henceforth "Company"). By requesting or using this Service, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Scope of these Terms
1.1. This Terms apply to the Company and the users of this Service ("User").
1.2. The Company may able to change these Terms and notify the User by appropriate means to the Company, without agreement from the User.
1.3. The User may use this Service by following these Terms and any other rules defined by the Company.
1.4. The Company may able to change the contents of this Service without agreement from the User.

2. Services
The User may use this Service. The Company may add, change, stop, or make any changes to this Service when necessary. By accessing and using this Service, the User agrees to any of these changes.

3. Disclaimer
3.1. The Company has no responsibility for any damage or loss to the User by the suspension of the Service under the following conditions:
*Fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, heavy snow or any other natural disaster
*Emergency situations such as civil unrest.
*The system of the Service was harmed or interfered with a third party's attempt.
*Troubles regarding the Service's network and server.
*Any other circumstances that require the Company to suspend the Service.
3.2. The Company do not warrant that this Service will be free of defects including (but not limited to) viruses or any other harmful elements.
3.3. If any disadvantage to the User was caused by the information registered by the User, the Company is not responsible for the User's disadvantage.
3.4. If the User damages or causes any loss to any third party by using this Service, the User must solve it by his/her responsibility and should not ask any responsibility from the Company.
3.5. The tax fee for the items when purchasing should be payed by the User.
3.6. It may be the case that additional tax or customs-related costs apply.
Please contact the Customs House in your country for more details.

4. Ordering from the Service and Payment
4.1. The User may buy any product(s) offered through the Service at own discretion, however must assure in person that purchases are appropriate for the age as well as comply with any rules applicable for the country (see also 8.).
4.2. The User is obliged to settle all costs in relation with the transaction in full prior or at the same time of opening a transaction. This may include also any related transport fees.
4.3. The User can pay for their purchased items with PayPal.
4.4. Any refunds of transaction may take at least one business day (or 7 business days at maximum). The refund will be conducted through PayPal.
4.5. For cancellations of transactions in process the Company reserves itself the right to deduct any incurred handling fee from the reimbursement to the client.

5. Returns of Goods
5.1. If not otherwise indicated all supplied products are in new condition. However, should a return still be desired for purchase(s) through the Service, the following return conditions apply:
*Any intentions of returning goods should be communicated clearly and in timely fashion. The Company will inform about the return process in detail.
*Generally a return period of 30 days applies upon arrival of goods.
*If no obvious damages or defects are at hand at the time of arrival, once the product packaging is opened, seals broken or product(s)s being put to use, returns are no longer possible.
*Return shipping fees apply as per communication to the User and could be as follows:
- For damaged product(s) during transit or defect prior to application the Company will cover any occurring return shipping costs. The Company will advise what kind of delivery method will be appropriate.
- For random returns, the return shipping costs are to be paid by the User. The User must use, if not otherwise advised, the cheapest traceable shipping means available.
*Refunds of purchase price(s) and any advanced return shipping fees are generally issued upon arrival and verification of the return item(s) at the Company.
*Terms and conditions previously communicated are relevant for refunds.
*Any return must be carefully prepared for shipment to avoid impairment during transit to the Company.
*In the event of loss for a random return without traceable shipping method during transit the Company could not held liable or cover any costs thereafter.
*Refunds in relation with returns will be conducted via the means of PayPal.

6. Privacy Policy
The information provided by the User may be managed by the Company's strict guidelines.
6.1. The Company may collect personal information from the User for the following purpose:
*To contact the User for the communication regarding to this Service.
*To ship the items purchased by the User.
6.2. The Company shall not disclose or provide the information provided by the User, except the following conditions:
*The User agreed to disclose or share the information.
*The Company was requested a formal inquiry under the law by the public agency such as court or law enforcement.
*In the case of emergency, such as in order to protect human life or human rights.

7. Maintaining the Service
7.1. To maintain the Service in a good condition, the Company may suspends the whole or part of the Service without notifying the User in advance. The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by this suspension of the Service. *Regular maintenance *Emergency maintenance *Caused by fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, heavy snow or any other kind of natural disaster. *Caused by any other disaster, such as civil unrest. *The system were unable to operate due to interfere from third party. *Any other cases that the Company required to suspend the system.

8. Import & Export Restricted Items
8.1. The User is responsible for checking whether the purchased items are legal to possess in the User's country. The Company may not comply to the User's request for cancellation of the items or refund if the User purchased those in the list of export control regulations.
8.2. In the case that the purchased items were prohibited in the location where the User is situated, the Company is not responsible for any loss or costs regarding such situations. The Company may not comply to the User's request for cancellation of orders or refund under these circumstances.

9.Jurisdictional Court
9.1. This Service and Terms should be governed by the law of Japan. The Fukuoka District Court shall be the agreed upon jurisdictional court for any and all disputes arising from this Service and Terms.

10. Miscellaneous
10.1. The contact between the User and the Company shall be conducted through by e-mail.
10.2. Pertaining shipment, delivery is made through means of Japan Post Small Packet Airmail. Commonly, it takes about 3-5 days handling time till dispatch of the item(s) from our offices. The delivery will be assigned with a tracking number and will afterwards be transferred to the post office. As soon as the tracking number will be assigned, the customer will be informed through the Company about the details via the eCRATER management system. For packages, which go missing or damaged during the shipment process, in Japanese Yen the maximum limit for coverage is set at 6000 JPY and is guaranteed to this upper limit.